You are expected to make your payments according to your Installment Loan Payment Schedule.  Please do not sign a loan agreement and agree to the terms and conditions of an  Installment Loan with 123Moneyhelp, LLC unless you are comfortable with the payment schedule.

An installment loan is a loan (usually $1000 or less) that is repaid over time with a set amount of fixed payments.
You can use the money for whatever you like. Typically, installment loans are used to pay a bill or make a purchase that must be made within a few days. Installment loans are intended as a short-term financing solution for cash flow problems, and should not be used as a long-term solution.
Because 123MoneyHelp is part of a direct lender network, after you fill out the online application we will begin to evaluate your application immediately. We will have an answer for you as soon as possible on your cash advance / installment loan - often the very same day.
Your cash advance will be wired directly to your bank account.
Upon approval you will be contacted by email or telephone.
Yes. Your job serves as your collateral, and if you meet all of the requirements you are likely to be approved.
No, we evaluate your employment, banking and residence history as well as a number of industry resources that help us evaluate your application.
First time customers are typically approved for a maximum of $200-$300. After a consistent payment history with 123MoneyHelp, we often allow many of our customers to receive cash advances of up to $1000.

Depending upon your bank, the funds will most often be available in your account the next business day.

Important: Funds credited on Friday or Saturday will be available on Monday.

Yes. 123MoneyHelp uses several electronic security measures to ensure that your private information is kept safe. All pages on our website that collect information utilize SSL 128 bit encryption and an SSL certificate issued by Thawte, a leader in internet security.
Due to the volume of applicants interested in 123MoneyHelp, we only accept online applications.
Payments on your installment loan will be determined by the specific terms of the lender you agree to borrow from.
Yes. There are no penalties or ramifications for paying your loan plus fee back before the due date.

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