5 Reasons to Get a Cash Advance Installment Loan

We've all had moments of unexpected financial pressure. Suddenly your car won't start, and you discover your warranty coverage won't pay for the repairs. You can't go without a car, and you won't have the money until you next paycheck. What do you do?

For temporary financial binds, sometimes cash installment loans online are the best option. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Cash advance installment loans are fast. Unlike bank loans or credit card applications, the approval process for a cash advance installment loan is remarkably quick. Once you've submitted your application, you can expect approval as soon as the same day, with the funds in your account generally by the following day!

  2. Cash advance direct lenders don't require traditional collateral. You don't have to own a home or surrender your car title. If you have been employed at your current job for a set period of time (at 123MoneyHelp, you only need to have been at your job for two months), have a permanent residence, and a bank account, you will have met their qualifications.

  3. Cash advance loans are easy. With online loan applications, you don't have to visit a financial institution to secure your loan; you can simply fill out a simple form and submit. These forms are quick enough to be completed during a standard work break!

  4. Cash advance loans can be used for whatever you wish. Once you've been approved by your cash advance direct lender, you can use the money to make needed home or car repairs, pay bills, or make necessary purchases.

  5. Cash advance installment plans are convenient. Your scheduled repayment plan is designed to be easy – you simply make your payments when you receive your wages. At 123MoneyHelp, you can even repay your loan as early as you like with no penalties.

So, if you've experienced a temporary financial setback, a cash advance installment loan could be the easiest, fastest, and most convenient solution!